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Handmade Soap Dish

  • $16.99 USD

A must-have companion for your shampoo & conditioner bar

A good soap dish is a shampoo and conditioner bar's best friend, allowing it to drain and air dry properly in between uses, and therefore ensuring you get the most out of your bar. Each dish is sized perfectly to hold two bars.

  • Handmade using Western Red Cedar or Figured Maple
  • Constructed from a single solid piece of wood, using no glues
  • Sourced in small-batches from a woodworker in Ontario, Canada
  • Double measures about 15cm by 9cm, and fits two bars
    Single measures 9cm by 9cm, and fits one bar
  • Note: Natural oils from wood may cause discolouration of porous surfaces, such as marble. Use on sealed / non-porous materials only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Christine Clouette
Soap dish

I'm glad that i bought the soap dish. Very well made.

Emilie Soderlund
Soap dish

Love it. Keeps my soap dry.

Ger H
Great product!

This soap dish is a shampoo/conditioner bar saver. It keeps them from getting stuck to the side of the shower and allows them to dry in between uses. Great quality!

Live this

Helps keep my shower clean

Steven Kukulka
Pleasant and effective soap dish

When I made my first purchase from Good Juju, I said yes to the shampoo and conditioner, and thought do I really need a wood soap dish? Is really going to do be effective; I decide to try it and after 3 weeks of using the soap dish, it seems that it allows the bars to drain off any excess and the bars to dry out after usage. I am very pleased how these dishes work. Lastly, the colour of the wood is very pleasing to look at in a shower. I am very pleased!

Sharon Merkley
Handmade soap dish

Great product - sure keeps the soap dry after each use and ready for next wash.

I would not buy the bars without the soap dish - excellent product,


Looks gorgeous and the shampoo and conditioner bars dry quickly on it!

Very lovely

Really love the natural wood. Fits 2 soaps perfectly.