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We're Good Housekeeping's Pick for Best Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair!

We're Good Housekeeping's Pick for Best Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair!


Check it out! Good Housekeeping just released their 10 Best Shampoo Bars for Every Hair Type, According to Experts and our bar made the top of the list, named the Best Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair!

And it's no surprise. Our Shampoo Bar for Dry / Curly Hair is loaded with nourishing, moisture-rich ingredients to hydrate & rejuvenate hair, transforming it before your eyes! Truly ideal for curly, hard-to-tame locks.

  • Coconut Oil for lustre, shine and softness
  • Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including zinc and Vitamins B, C, and E
  • Sacha Inchi Oil locks in moisture
  • Shea & Cocoa Butters help protect your hair from the heat damage of flat irons and blow drying

Tired of fighting the frizz? Give our Dry / Curly Hair Shampoo Bar a try today!

Love for our Dry / Curly Hair Shampoo Bar:

How is my hair this soft?! These bars totally delivered, and are 100% up to the task. After trying the curly hair bars (orange/patchouli) I'm never going back to plastic bottles. The bar lathers really well (phew!), and the conditioner is very silky smooth. Together, they leave my hair and scalp impressively clean and soft and happy. This product is a delightful find.
– Jil B, ★★★★★

My dry damaged curls thank you!! This is my first shampoo bar so I was sceptical but my hair has literally NEVER LOOKED OR FELT BETTER!!! I’m so excited I found this product. My dry kinky curl/wavy hair is constantly beautiful and I find I need way less leave in conditioner but my hair is sooo soft. Your formula is just perfect. Thank you from a very frustrated hair owner 🥰
– Jess, ★★★★★

This product is wonderful. My dry, often frizzy hair is healthy, wavy, and shiney after using this shampoo bar. I also have alopecia and have to be very careful to select products that do not irritate my scalp. JuJu shampoo bar meets this need! I love it and highly recommend it!
- Pam D, ★★★★★