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Wow! So impressed with this product. It conditions perfectly and detangles too.

I'm very impressed with this product. I was hoping I would like it for the convenience, but I really do love the results.

Love them

No residue, no staining clothes, and compact size! I tried these from the Jilly Box and was obsessed...the only issue I had is that my new ones are not perforated so they were hard to rip in half evenly.

Shampoo & Conditioner for oily fine hair

I am pleased with the results using your product. My hair has more shine and my hair looks and feels healthier. The shampoo is very pleasant smell.

Clothes not as clean & is not a non-toxic option

I wanted to like this so bad but unfortunately we found our clothes to not seem as clean. In addition, I wish I had read the ingredients list prior to purchasing 3 packs… it contains glycereth and polyoxyethylene which are potential toxic ingredients.

Exceeded expectations

1. Really affordable. As a student, it is a bit difficult to find affordable + environmentally friendly products. The time options between recurring shipments for the subscription are also amazing.
2. Both the shampoo and conditioner work really well. I have a mixture of 3a and 3c curly hair (for some reference). This was my first time trying a shampoo and conditioner bar and I had no idea what to expect, but I must say, both the shampoo and conditioner bar exceeded any preconceived expectations I had. Cleans without stripping, no build-up, no dry scalp and soft, hydrated/moisturized hair after each wash.
3. No excessive, plastic packaging and supporting local with each purchase, you really can't go wrong.

Love the fact it's a Canadian company. Great product!

The shine came back!

For the first time in years my hair feels clean - and squeaks! When you don't have : dry, oily, curly, colored, flyaway, limp, permed - hair, it is darn difficult to find a shampoo. Well, this is it. Goodbye corporate giants.

Scalp Care Shampoo Bar
Susan Belsher

Honestly the moment I started to rub this through my hair and scalp I felt relief. It has really calmed my itchy scabby scalp. My hair feels nice too
Thank you so much

Moisturizing Shave Bar
shelagh Powell
Shave bar.

The shave bar worked wonderfully well. I will definitely buy it again.

Heaven for your skin

If you want soft smooth skin after shaving then you must buy this bar. Since using this bar I no longer get razor burn or itchy skin. It’s silky soft even days after. I previously just used soap and my skin was so dry, flaky and irritated. At night I would itch like crazy. The whole family is now using it and love it.

Amazing product

I will never go back to the jugs of laundry detergent or even the eco refill bottles. Absolutely love this product. Takes up no space, smells amazing and does a really great job at cleaning. I love that it’s Canadian and that it automatically ships to me. I have been recommending it to everyone.

My new favorite laundry detergent

I really have taken a liking to my Juju laundry detergent. I haven't tried the scented one yet, as I am prone to eczema but the non scented one is wonderful. I haven't had any problems with my skin and it dissolves 100% in my washer and my clothes come out so clean and fresh. I will definitely try the scented one also.Never thought I would like the laundry strips, was an unexpected surprise. I will definitely be buying this again as my one and only laundry detergent.

Handmade Soap Dish
Steven Kukulka
Pleasant and effective soap dish

When I made my first purchase from Good Juju, I said yes to the shampoo and conditioner, and thought do I really need a wood soap dish? Is really going to do be effective; I decide to try it and after 3 weeks of using the soap dish, it seems that it allows the bars to drain off any excess and the bars to dry out after usage. I am very pleased how these dishes work. Lastly, the colour of the wood is very pleasing to look at in a shower. I am very pleased!

Incredible easy application and great result from the conditioning bar

The application of the conditioning bar was simple and produced an incredible softness to my hair after I got out of the shower. Never going to back bottles. I feel that I am not wasting resources when using the Good JuJu conditioning bar. It takes very little from the bar to release conditioner onto my hair. The name Good JuJu says it all. The conditioning bar is Good for the environment, and my wallet too. It's been over 3 weeks since the bar arrived and it's seem so long lasting. Great value.

A super powerful bar

I am very pleased with the shampoo bar. I am not going back to shampoo bottles. The shampoo bar has a pleasant aroma, a very good lather similar to bottle shampoo, and it's super easy to use.

Laundry Strips

Love the strips - have been using them for a few months now and they do the job! Plus they are environmentally friendly and so a win win situation

Never going back

This product has improved my hair immensely.
I hardly lose any hair when washing it now.
I do not have to wash my hair everyday (before this product I could not go a day without washing my hair).
Also it has made my y hair so soft and easy to brush.
Plus it is good for the environment!

Never going back

This product has improved my hair immensely.
I hardly lose any hair when washing it now.
I do not have to wash my hair everyday (before this product I could not go a day without washing my hair).
Also it has made my y hair so soft and easy to brush.
Plus it is good for the environment!

First time user

This was my first time using a shampoo bar but I was surprised at how great my hair felt after using the bar. I have ethnic hair and struggled with finding a natural shampoo that also worked with my hair type. This bar hit the mark and them some. I was blown away at how it lathered and how squeak clean my hair and scalp felt after using the bar.

Pleasantly surprised

I have thick hair that needs conditioner so I was hesitant to believe a bar conditioner would work as well. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. I
quite happy with this product and won’t be going back to plastic bottles. Well done Good Juju

Moisturizing Shave Bar
Faye Hildebrand

Bought this for my husband to use for daily shaving. Previously he had been using a homemade goat’s milk bar from a coworker. He found it was a bit of a learning curve since the previous bar produced a lather and he used a brush. Once he realized how to use it he said it’s quite nice. He found the scent to be ok. Not too strong which I was worried about. Most likely buy again.


I love this shampoo & conditioner bar! No packaging or plastic. But best of all it leaves my curly hair soft & curly!! I love it!!

Not my favourite but still good

This shampoo bar doesn’t lather and clean as well as another brand that I use. However, I love the conditioner bar from Juju the most!

Best conditioner bar

I have compared a few different conditioner bars and this one is the best for detangling and moisturizing.