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Great product

Strips clean as well as any other laundry detergent I've used, love the VERY subtle fragrance - other popular brands are so toxically strong smelling! And of course, love the lack of plastic packaging - in fact, hardly any packaging at all! Tried a few other laundry strips and this is my favourite!

Great quality

I’ve been using the laundry strip for almost 2 years now. The quality and cleaning power of this product is superior and healthy for our bodies! I highly recommend!

I love this and use it for washing clothes for myself and my three children. My kids have sensitive skin and one has eczema, we have had no problem whatsoever and have been using it for the past two years continuously. Amazing for the environment. Highly recommend.

My hair is...: Straight
Shampoo and conditioner bars

Literally the only thing I use anymore. I absolutely love these bars. The suds the smell and the feel are all amazing. My hair feels so clean and looks so shiny. Doing good for the planet definitely makes me feel better too.

My hair is...: Thin, Dry
Didn’t think this could happen

I have strange hair. I’ve been on medication most of my life and sometimes my hair is straight, sometimes it’s curly. It’s the meds. As I’ve aged my hair has become more and more brittle. Until I found your shampoos I just figured I was headed toward baldness, mostly from breakage. My pillow looked like a dog shed on it. After the first shampooing my hair felt like it had before the meds. I didn’t think it would last but it did. And it’s just gotten softer and stronger with every shampooing. I think I have every kind of shampoo and conditioner that you make. They all do something a little different for my hair and I love the scent of all of them. I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say your products saved my hair.


I’m giving this three stars because it’s just a personal preference. I don’t much care for them. Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with them. Maybe my soap hasn’t got to the point where I have to use a bag. I’ll probably keep trying.

Great smell and fantastic moisturizer soap!

This is a great moisturizer in dry skin, and I love the smell. One bar lasts 2-3 months!

Great product!!!

Easy to store, easy to use, better for our environment and does a great job getting our laundry clean.

Love it

I’ve tried others and really love the strength but gentleness of this one and the fact that it’s all one piece in terms of being able to leave it in the shower. No crevices for water to get trapped etc. Love using it wet or dry!

These laundry strips are the best I've tried!

No bad, all good

Lovvvvvve the shave bar so much. It’s luxurious and makes for a smooth shave.

My hair is...: Thin, Curly, Dry
Great products

I really like the scent of the shampoo and conditioning bar, and find that it is not too harsh on my hair, when using daily. Knowing that this company strives to be and is environmentally friendly adds to my appreciation of their products.

This is so beautiful and looking great on the shelf in my shower!!!


A really beautiful soap dish. Love how well it drains and keeps my shampoo and conditioner bars dry.

Pricy but convenient for travel and works well. I shave every other day and my face does not get tore up.

Best laundry strips on the market. Hands down!

Best detergent ever!

You'll never go back!

I started using Good Juju laundry strips about 6 months ago and have never used a single pod again! This is a simple switch you can make that has so many benefits! Absolutely love this product.

Love the sustainability

I chose this product because of the low waste and sustainability, a year later I'm still using this product faithfully. I love it!

Shampoo lathers well and is not heavy on the hair

Love the smell of these sheets - subtle but delightful. And I feel good about not adding to the colossal plastic problem on our planet.

Nice scent but dissolves poorly

I've used these laundry strips for some time and I noticed there was a change in the formula that makes it harder to dissolve. I've found bits of laundry strip stuck to laundry in both cold and hot water washes recently and i have to do an extra rinse cycle... I don't think I'll be getting this again

My hair is...: Straight

I will admit, I was skeptical at first. A shampoo bar??? As a long time Pantene user I just couldn’t wrap my mind around using a bar. I took a chance though after being influenced on social media (ha). Holy Moley, influence me some more. I use both the normal shampoo and conditioner bar and from day 1 noticed a significant difference in hair volume, shine, and softness. I am a customer for life now. I feel so good about my new hair and the fact that I’m no longer contributing to environmental waste. And can I mention how absolutely amazing customer service is?!!! What a company! Much love!

Smell great, easy to use and no plastic!

I love these laundry strips! So easy to use and they smell great! My daughter loves ripping them up into small pieces and tossing them in the washing machine! It makes me feel good to be making a small difference for the environment too. Every bit counts!