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Sisal Bar Saver Bag

  • $5.99 USD

Get every last bit of goodness from your shampoo & conditioner bars

Our Sisal Bar Saver Bag is the perfect way to use the final pieces of your soap bars. As you near the end of your bar and the pieces get too small to easily handle, just pop them in the bag, run under warm water and lather up! When you're done, the loop top makes it easy to hang up for drying.

Sisal is a natural plant fibre, a member of the agave cactus family. The texture of the bag helps produce a rich, luxurious lather, and exfoliates the skin and scalp.

  • Woven from Sisal, a natural plant fibre
  • Chemical- & Fragrance-free
  • Measures 11cm by 14cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’m giving this three stars because it’s just a personal preference. I don’t much care for them. Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with them. Maybe my soap hasn’t got to the point where I have to use a bag. I’ll probably keep trying.

Great bar-bit saver and exfoliator

This little bag is perfect for getting use out of the remaining crumbs of every shampoo bar, and it doubles as an exfoliator--it's the perfect texture to use for scrubbing face or body.

Mary Beth
Waste not, want not 😁

No more wasted bar bits! I was using a little mesh jewellery bag for the bits in the past, but this sisal bag, while a bit bulky, works much better. It’s soft enough to be gentle on your head while shampooing. It is a money-saving purchase, for sure.

Bonnie Williamson-Powell
Sisal shampoo bar bag

Extremely useful, especially when your shampoo bar is almost at its end. Great idea to order this for any of the bar hair products.

Marjorie Benson
love the scalp care shampoo

I had been finding that most shampoos gave me a very itchy scalp,so decided to try your product. I am also interested in putting less plastic into the garbage. I have not been having any problems with my scalp since using this product. Havent used the sisal bag yet, but will be soon.

Monique Rivett-Carnac
Wonderful product

Good day
It has been such a joy not to have to purchase bottle shampoo and conditioner
My hair is soft with lots of lustre even after washing them everyday. The best of the best only after apple pie and ice cream