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01This is a pivotal moment.
It's an opportunity to step up and help create a better future.

To fight for the wellbeing of the Earth, and all the living things that call it home.

We all have the power to effect real change, and that power lies in the choices we make every day.

It starts with each of us.


02 We are
    Good Juju.

We make all-natural,
home & body care products

that are good for you, and good for the planet, too

Formulated with pure, clean, organic ingredients with scientifically proven benefits.

Packaged & shipped in plastic-free, biodegradable & sustainably-sourced materials.

Committed to improving our planet and the lives of all the creatures we share it with.

We believe that every choice makes a difference. We all have the power to effect change. It starts at home. It starts with us,and it starts with you.

03 Change starts with us.

We're Lisa & Alexa,
founders of Good Juju.

We are two Canadians compelled to take action. Driven to fight for our future, for the futures of our children, and for the future of all living things.


"We’ve been amazed and humbled again and again by the power of natural ingredients to change and improve lives. These experiences fuel our immense passion and respect for the earth and its offerings."