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Wool Dryer Balls
Tricia Flood
Nice large size

These dryer balls are much larger than ones I have used previously. The size helps in keeping duvet covers from tangling into a knot and also shortens drying time. I am very happy with them and like the much larger diameter!

Scalp Care Shampoo Bar
Alexa Bouchard
Noticeable difference

No more dandruff and no more itchy scalp after one use!!!! Definitely recommend


I have both the unscented and the summer rain. I love the scent on the summer rain, it's very subtle. Both dissolve completely, leave no residue, and my clothes are clean. I love this product.


I have very sensitive skin/scalp and fine hair. I needed something natural and decided to see what all the hype was about.

Honestly? I was sold after my first use. I’m addicted. My hubby and our 5 young children use these shampoos too now. My eldest daughter & I use this one for our sensitive scalp and highlighted hair. It truly keeps the brassiness away!!!

It suds up beautifully, smells fresh and lasts a long time!! And their customer service is phenomenal!! They always provide joyful, support!!

Cleans well and leaves a light scent!

Love the low waste movement, especially how it saves space in the cupboard. I decided to try the Summer Rain scent and it was a lovely light and natural scent! Not overpowering or irritating, especially in those "scent free" locations. Clothes came out clean even on a cold cycle! The only thing I didn't like is how the strips feel "sticky" when you're trying to break them (I've tried other similar products and theirs are not sticky).

Oily / Fine Hair Conditioner Bar
Maria Christina Conlon
Fine Conditioner

The bar does not seem to go through the sisal well but eventually suds well. I had to be careful as what drips onto the tub got pretty greasy and slippery .

Oily / Fine Hair Shampoo Bar
Maria Christina Conlon
Great Foam!

This shampoo suds up fast and does a great job cleaning.

Scalp Care Shampoo Bar
Rosemary Hamulka

Scalp has improved,but still scaling

Great conditioner

I love how soft my hair is after using this conditioner.

Never buying liquid detergent again

Laundry comes out fresh and clean, they’re low waste, compact and great! I especially like how small and light they are, and that I don’t have to lug around a giant jug of detergent to and from my apartment’s laundry room, and as such they’re easy to store.

Great Product

Love this detergent. Easy to use, does a good job and no lugging heavy detergent bottles. Hope you come out with a fabric softener soon.

Laundry strips

These work so well only use half a strip for a regular load if not too dirty. So happy that it cuts down on my carbon footprint! Every little bit helps


Going to be honest with you. I took a chance on your product. Didn't expect much. Had heard laundry strips don't always dissolve. Especially, in high efficiency washers (I have a new LG washtower). Heard they don't clean as well as conventional detergents. Happy to report WRONG on all accounts. Your product surpassed all expectations. And I no longer have a drippy, sloppy liquid detergent jug. Less room taken up. Less waste. Less transport of water. All solid reasons for continuing to use your laundry strips.
Bravo, friends.

Not what I was hoping for

When I use the shaving bar, I find it takes a lot of water and some diligence to rinse it from my skin, particularly my underarms. If it isn’t rinsed thoroughly, the residue seems to facilitate odour. I will finish using it but likely not purchase it again. I am a huge fan of several of your other products.

Great product

Easy to change amount depending on load requirements. Cleans our clothes well.

Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips
Deborah Bonfiglio
Love these strips!

At first I was skeptical but now that I’m on my third pack of these I wouldn’t go back to regular laundry detergent. Makes it easier for my kids to do their own laundry too~ without the mess of pouring detergent into a little cup!

Fantastic conditioner!

My short & curly hair is soft, shiny and not frizzy! Love this conditioner and it lasts for months!


Still finishing my old shampoo. Haven't tried this yet

Holy grail laundry strips!

These are amazing! I am on my second pack of Summer Rain scented strips and they work so well - last way longer than any liquid detergent I have ever bought because the strip method makes it so much easier to portion out between loads. Clothes smell amazing (not too overpowering) and they clean super well! Never getting any other detergent again :)

Very clean hair result

Love the bar shape saving the environment via no plastic bottle❣️

Just wished it left my hair just a tad softer. It felt very stiff.

But according to my sister conditioners are actually not good for your hair.

I am used to only shampoo and this special japanese milk based body soap, I use for my hair.

I finally tied the Juju soap recently on a trip. For the first time. But I didn’t try it with the milk soap. It might work out okay together.

It actually works! Wow!

Maybe I should give it more time, but after three loads, I'm pretty happy. I've tried other "natural" detergents, trying to avoid plastic, but I have been faced with a recurring problem. I workout a lot and I sweat. A LOT. Like, an exorbitant amount. Like, wring out my shirts a lot. So my clothes smell BAD and if the detergent isn't good, it dissipates and permeates into all of our clothes. As far as I've been able to tell, Good Juju has actually cleaned my clothes. And for me, that's a serious win.

Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips
Christine Michalyshen

This detergent cleans just as well as any leading detergent and I feel great knowing I am doing something good for the environment.

Best Idea

I have ordered these strips a couple of times now. I love the scents and they smell lovely. So easy to use makes good suds if that is a concern for some and cleans well. The best part is we are helping the environment by not buying plastic and all the junk that is in those chemicals that are in detergent. I urge people to buy these laundry strips - you won't be disappointed.


This is the second time ordering. My whole family loves the sheets. Plus it is environmental friendly. Thank you

Amazing laundry strips - will never go back to liquid!

I've been using the Good Juju laundry strips for over a year and I LOVE THEM!! They smell amazing (Summer Rain) but I also buy the Unscented for my picky teenagers! I love not having to lug heavy liquid bottles home anymore and I love even more that I'm not contributing to our landfills with them.