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Amazing laundry strips - will never go back to liquid!

I've been using the Good Juju laundry strips for over a year and I LOVE THEM!! They smell amazing (Summer Rain) but I also buy the Unscented for my picky teenagers! I love not having to lug heavy liquid bottles home anymore and I love even more that I'm not contributing to our landfills with them.

It works!!!

I am obsessed!

I absolutely LOVE these strips! They smell fabulous and my clothes come out incredibly clean, fresh, and so very soft especially using white vinegar in place of traditional fabric softener. Even on heavily soiled (think sweaty outside yard work) clothes come out feeling and smelling wonderful. All three varieties of GJ strips smell amazing - unlike another very heavily advertised brand of laundry strips that smell more of chemicals less of "fresh linen".

And since I'm making comparisons, GJ strips are larger, yes, but also thicker and feel far more luxurious than the other strips.. and have I mentioned how good they smell and feel?!

After trying both brands I am absolutely hooked and obsessed with Good Juju! I'll never go back to traditional laundry detergent.

Shampoo and laundry strips

I am so happy with this company.
I love the shampoo and have ordered more.
I like the scent that lasts.
The strips are easy to use.
Keep up the good work


I nearly gave up on my hunt for a curly hair conditioner bar before trying this one. First time any conditioner bar has ACTUALLY made my hair “seaweedy”. Also, it smells amazing — and not in an overwhelming way. Thanks juju pals

My new favourite!

The smell is divine and very subtle once your laundry has been washed. Unlike other strips I have tried from other companies, this one leaves no residue either on clothes or in the machine, and dissolves completely. 10/10!


First clean laundry detergent that laundry comes out actually smelling fresh! Love that it’s strips and no mess! Would highly recommend.

Laundry strips

Love them. They work so well and I really like how I can just tear off a small piece for small loads. My daughter has very sensitive skin and allergies and she has had no issues when we’ve used these.

Strong scent

My partner was suspicious as to why I smelled like men’s cologne until I showed him the bar of hair conditioner. The reviews had me hopeful for the orange scent but unfortunately the patchouli was overwhelmingly strong. A waste of money as I won’t use it :(

Waste of money :(

I tried my friends scalp care bar and liked the product so decided to order the bar for curly hair. Unfortunately I cannot get passed the overwhelmingly strong scent. My spouse told me that I smelled like men’s cologne. A great product if you like patchouli, unfortunately for me this was a waste of money :(

Awesome products

This shampoo is great, smells amazing and really worth trying. All there products are worth it. Thanks Lisa and Alexa !

Shave bar

Love this bar! Smells amazing. My teen is super picky and hates almost everything and she absolutely loves this bar.

Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips
Erika Hunter-O'Dette
Love these!

I got my first package of laundry strips in a Jilly Box and instantly fell in love. I love the scents and the cleaning power is amazing. I plan to buy some for all my friends for the holidays!

Love it!

Love using the sheets. Gave some to my daughter at university and now she loves then, perfect way to be eco-friendly and space saving!

Amazing Stuff!

Wow... I truly feel like my hair has never been clean until I tried this bar. I have hard water where I recently moved, which left my hair looking waxy and my scalp an itchy mess. I have been so frustrated. I originally bought this bar for my husband because natural shampoos I used in the past never worked for my greasy hair. Once I tried it though, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It works like a charm - cleans my hair, doesn’t flatten my waves, and even prevents next-day grease build up. I don’t even need dry shampoo anymore! I am beyond happy with this bar and the ingredient list too!

Made the switch!

I first got these in my jilly box and have ordered twice since. I absolutely love this product!! They smell great, dissolve easily and are waste free. Bonus that the shipping is free. I’ve stopped using any other laundry detergent!

Shampoo and Cinditioner

Love it. My hair feels great and smells goof

Look no further!

This shampoo bar checked all the boxes for me: it smells great, is easy to travel with, is environmentally conscious, and works better with my hair than even some of the most expensive bottled shampoos! Huge fan!

Laundry strips

The zero waste is a game changer…no more lugging those giant bottles of mostly water and filling landfills

I love this product. Works so well and love the no waste.

Best shave bar!!

This is by far the best shave bar I have ever used! I love slip and moisture it gives my skin and the neutral scent. It's been so hard to find a shave bar that doesn't contain mint and it's just soap. Will definitely be buying this again

No regrets

I was hesitant about making the switch from the big box (big plastics) brand, but I have loved these laundry strips. They do an excellent job of keeping up with any mess my 7-year-old can make and they have freed up a lot of room on my laundry room shelf. My dealings with the company has been nothing but delightful, and their personal notes are a lovely touch. Very very glad I found these strips!

Love em!

I was a bit skeptical when I purchased the shampoo and conditioner bars but as it turns out, I am sold. They leave my hair soft and shiny plus they are very easy to use. Also of great importance to me, they are good for the environment and are made here in Canada.

Love this product

Love this product, doing all we can to reduce plastic, this light weight paper packaging is a wonderful solution to heavy plastic laundry soap jugs. In donations to those in need it is much easier to add to care packages.

Hi Juju, I am just getting used to the difference in the Triarchy strips, compared to the original strips I’ve been using. I was wondering if the Triarchy ones are now the “new régime” for all strips? I have had good results with both kinds, but the Triarchy ones seem to be a bit thinner, more fragile - and it’s got me thinking I prefer the originals. Jury still out, but may I suggest a note of information in the package, if Tri is the “new” model? Or is it just for this special run? I’d like to cover all the bases and understand which one to order. Good news - have successfully converted a family member, and she will be ordering more (or I will, for her).