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This Green Friday, We're Planting Kelp with OceanWise!

This Green Friday, We're Planting Kelp with OceanWise!

We are very excited to announce that our Green Friday Sale kicks off Thursday, November 24th, and not only is it set to be our biggest sale of the year, but with your help we're hoping to make it our most impactful –

For every order placed, we're Planting 5 Kelp Plants!

So while you're saving 25% on all your Good Juju favourites, you will also be helping support Ocean Wise's Seaforestation project, restoring and cultivating kelp growth in our oceans.

Why Kelp?

Because Kelp forests are an ocean-based solution to climate change. Kelp forests create a rich habitat for marine life, and can protect the coast from the impacts of extreme weather events. Kelp also grows 30 times faster than trees, and naturally captures carbon in significant volumes within the seaweed tissue, some of which gets trapped in the ocean floor for centuries.

Ocean Wise's Seaforestation project is on track to restore and cultivate 5,000 hectares of kelp by 2024, hopeful that seaforestation can be a powerful player in fighting climate change.

"By growing and restoring kelp forests at scale, we can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, create marine habitat, and combat ocean acidification…all while creating economic opportunities for Indigenous and coastal communities."

Carlos Drews
EVP, Conservation with Ocean Wise

We’re so thrilled to be partnering with Ocean Wise for Green Friday 2022 to support their important work. Let's plant some kelp!