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Hair Care Starter Bundle

Choose any Shampoo Bar + Conditioner Bar PLUS get a Sisal Bar Saver Bag + Wet/Dry Scalp Massager for 20% off!

$48.99 USD $60.99 USD


The perfect combination of effective plant derived cleaners, nourishing rich oils and butters, and unique mushroom extracts for a boost of phytochemicals.  Clean, repair, nourish and protect.  With 4 different formulas for specific hair types the results speak for themselves. 

  • 84% say their hair feels CLEANER
  • 87% say their hair is SOFTER
  • 85% say their hair looks HEALTHIER and
  • 98% DO NOT feel the need to go back to liquid!

This is luxury hair care!


Shampoo Bars
Normal / Balanced Hair Shampoo Bar
Dry / Curly Hair Shampoo Bar
Oily / Fine Hair Shampoo Bar
Scalp Care Shampoo Bar

Conditioner Bars
Normal / Balanced Hair Conditioner Bar
Dry / Curly Hair Conditioner Bar
Oily / Fine Hair Conditioner Bar
Scalp Care Conditioner Bar

Handmade Soap Dish

A must-have companion for your shampoo & conditioner bar

A good soap dish is a shampoo and conditioner bar's best friend, allowing it to drain and air dry properly in between uses, and therefore ensuring you get the most out of your bar. Each dish is sized perfectly to hold two bars.

  • Handmade using cement and concrete for extra durability
  • Easy to clean and will leave no rings or stains
  • Contains small rubber feet to prevent slipping and to prevent mold from forming underneath
  • Made in small batches in Quebec, Canada
  • Measures about 13cm by 8.5cm by 2cm, and fits two hair care bars or one body bar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tara Cyr
My favorite shampoo and conditioner bar ever

I have mostly grey hair and these shampoo and conditioner bars have made my hair so soft. I have people comment often about how great my long hair looks.